At the center of every air ride suspension system is the vessel to store reserve air, the air tank.  Traditionally, they have been steel or aluminum tubes with welded end-caps.  Others are seamless spun aluminum.  Air tanks come in the common tube shape in a wide variety of volumes and dimensions, as well as pancake shape.  Sizes range from 1/2 to 12 gallons, but most are 3, 4 or 5 gallon and feature different port sizes and locations.  Finishes include, raw aluminum, painted black, chrome, anodized aluminum and overlayed with carbon fiber.

In 2016, Accuair changed the game forever with the introduction of the ENDO Series of tanks which include the ENDO-T, ENDO-VT 'Valve-Tank,' and ENDO-CVT 'Compressor-Valve-Tank.'  Their modular extruded aluminum design streamlined the look and installation of air management, introduced the first ever DOT approved tank capable of holding higher pressures while avoiding leaks like traditional tanks, and allow for integrated valves, compressors, and other future upgrades.

Brands include Airlift, Airtekk, Accuair, FLO, generic, Ksport, and Specialty Suspension
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