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XLevel offers coilovers for street and/or racing applications. Coilovers are the ultimate suspension upgrade for the increase in handling, adjustable ride height, and adjustable damping.  The name coilover comes from the basic design of a "coil" spring "over" a shock or strut. Adjustable coilovers are far superior to a lowering spring on a stock shock or even a performance shock because they are designed allow ride height to be adjusted without sacrificing stroke or preloading the suspension. Shortening stroke can cause a shock rod to bottom out and make for a harsh or even dangerous ride.  Custom spring rates can be ordered to suit your intended use of the vehicle including different types of racing, car audio, cargo, and stance.  Upgraded Sprint Springs are also available for most coilovers to reduce unsprung weight and provide a more consistent ride.  Adjustable damping allows the user to dial-in a nice soft ride, a very stiff ride, or the perfect balance.  Damper extensions can be used where the coilovers cannot be easily accessed such as below a trunk liner or behind plastic trim.  Coilover brands include Apexi, ARK, Bilstein, BC Racing, Buddy Club, Eibach, Fortune Auto, Ksport, KW, Megan Racing, Stance, Tanabe and Tein.
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