Air Ride Questionnaire

Please help us find the setup that best fits your budget, your wants & needs, and what we need to discuss with you further before making our recommendation to you.
First name:*   Last name:*   Phone number:*   Email:* 

What is your vehicle year?*    make?*    model?*    trim? (EX,GT, etc.)    engine? (3.5L V6, 2.0T, 2.5L I4 Hybrid)    drivetrain? (FWD, RWD, AWD)  

What is your budget?    $2650-$3150    $3300-$3500    $3600-$4000    $4000-$4500    $4500+

Do you want digital controls?    Yes    No    Don't care    Not sure

Do you want touch pad controls?    Yes    No    Don't care    Not sure

Do you want smart phone control (iOS/Android)?    Yes    No    Don't care    Not sure

Do you want automatic leveling and the ability to align the car at a specific ride height that can be set & recalled at the push of a button? This saves tires and makes for safer driving.
 Yes    No    Don't care    Not sure

Do you want "Rise on Start"? Raises car at engine ignition.  This prevents damage to the vehicle due to turning the wheels while the car is too low to be turned and/or moved.
 Yes    No    Don't care    Not sure

Is space a major concern?    Yes    No    Don't care    Not sure

Is silence of system important to you?    Yes    No    Don't care    Not sure

Do you plan to "play" with it often or will adjustment be made at start and park only?    Play    Start & park    Not sure

Does the tank finish or compressor finish matter to you?    Yes    No    Don't care    Not sure

Rank these finishes in order of preference.
 Raw    Polished/Chrome    Black    Gray    Bronze    White    Custom Color or painted to match vehicle

If you have one, rank these brands in order of preference.
  Accuair    Air Lift    Airrex    Air Runner    Airtekk    D2    Ksport    Ride Tech    Universal Air / UAS  Other 

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