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SEI-TL0305INFG352D-C - Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid
C Style / RB Style

Availability: In Stock
  • Brand new in factory box.
  • Ultra-light weight - The average weight of each hood is about 15 lbs. Of course, hoods for larger car models or trucks will weigh more, but they are definitely much lighter than OEM. Trunks and hatches are even lighter as they are smaller than a hood. Average weight is about 13 lbs.
  • Grade "A" carbon fiber parts.
  • Superior construction - Each hood / trunk is built with a strong carbon fiber skeleton. The outer layer is hand-laid carbon fiber. The underside of each hood / trunk is reinforced fiberglass with a one- piece fiberglass covering the underling skeleton to provide a clean factory look.
  • Show quality finish - Each part is finished with several layers of clear coating that provides the Hi-gloss show-quality finish that other hoods just cannot imitate. The outermost layer of clear coat is a UV coating that protects it from the harmful rays of the sun. Unlike other hoods in the market, Seibon parts do not fade and turn yellow in a few months.
  • No drilling, cutting, or modification necessary.
  • Professional installation recommended.
  • Adjustment of, but not limited to, latches, hooks, or fenders may be necessary as part of the normal installation of all hoods. All hoods cannot sustain any force or weight on the surface. Do not put weight on the hood surface as it could crack the hood.
  • All hoods require hood pins for safety reasons.
  • Seibon parts have a 6-month limited clear coat warranty and guarantee fitment for all US-modeled vehicles, unless specifically indicated otherwise. Seibon test fits all parts before making them available for sale. *No after-market body parts will fit exactly like OEM. It is normal and you are expected to do minor adjustments for a good fit. With that said, Seibon is very confident that their products are among the best fitment in the aero-styling market. The Seibon warranty extends only to vehicles that have not had any bodywork done. As a precaution, test fit all parts before you cut/paint/drill the items.
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